crossfit gym in kotputli

CrossFitCrossFit exercise is especially designed to incorporate various elements such as Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, high intensity internal training, power lifting. It is strength and powerful conditioning program mainly mix of various aerobic exercises. FitnessPlus Gym & Spa has the best trained coaches who are experts in CrossFit workout routine. This exercise is equally beneficial for both men and women and gives you better stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and accuracy.

cardio at gym

CardioCardio is best known exercise of all times. FitnessPlus Gym & Spa provides you wide range of cardio exercise modern equipments. It includes treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and rowers to make your body fabulous. Cardio exercise or workout is the best thing that you can do with your body. It helps to increase your heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduces stress & depression, increases bone density and many more.

Strength section in gym

StrengthStrength training helps in building your muscles, anaerobic endurance and gain strength in your body. You will find drastic change in your body after performing strength training for long period of time. The professional and trained coaches present in FitnessPlus Gym & Spa provides you with their best strength training sessions.

steam in gym

Steam & Changing RoomFitnessPlus Gym & Spa provides the facility of steam and changing room having amazing interior design. It helps to relax and sooth your body making it clean and toxins free. It also benefits you in increasing your metabolism, relieves from asthma and boosts your immunity. With the availability of changing room, you can change your clothes anytime.

aerobics in gym

Aerobics This type of exercise deals with high intensity workout sessions. In general Aerobic means, requiring or involving free oxygen in the body. Aerobic exercises starts with low intensity and then ranges to high intensity. It helps to improve mental health, circulatory system, high degree of fat loss and may more. FitnessPlus Gym & Spa provides best aerobic classes to their members so that they can achieve their fitness goals.

shower at fitness plus gym

Shower Rooms FitnessPlus Gym & Spa have the best showers room which is freely available to their members. The interior design of these rooms is amazing and beautiful. The shower rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipments required by you. After intense workout you do need to take shower. It helps to make your body fresh and relaxed.