FitnessPlus Gym & Spa is an ambitious fitness studio that provides best fitness trainers, good exercise instructor and club manager. We are committed in this profession since a very long time and with many years of experience we can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

FitnessPlus Gym & Spa is the biggest gym in Kotputli, Rajasthan, India. We firmly believe in customer satisfaction and provide them best quality service. We also believe in the balanced yet complete workout and yoga sessions. Many services that are provided by us are Crossfit, Cardio, Strength, Aerobics and Stream & shower Rooms. Our vision is to circulate Mental, Physical and Spiritual Fitness & Wellness in every individual.

FitnessPlus Gym & Spa consists of experienced and professional trainers who are available to understand your fitness requirement. We provide you immense support and encouragement in order to bring change in your body and life. We also get you a team of trained and motivated fitness experts who practice what they preach and help you to reach your fitness goal. Our team stays updated with the latest researches in the fitness industry and we will provide you with the best equipments available In India.